The bear market is a great time

Few people today describe the state of the cryptocurrency market at the end of last year (2018) in other terms than as a bubble. It was a time when it was virtually impossible to not make money. Projects that reported the slightest news were growing by tens of percentage points, regardless of the absence of a finished product or any meaningful business plan. Due to the impressive growth of projects such as Ripple and Ethereum, there was a very rapid demand for products that would bring another wave of the crypto-revolutionary revolution (and especially, a similar financial appreciation).

Confrontation with reality was very painful

This demand was soon met by bids, and suddenly a large number of projects appeared ready to completely change the world (or at least give the appearance of doing so). This has prompted massive growth in the sector, which could not be sustained only by the vague promises of the revolutionary products with their promises of massive profits.

The subsequent confrontation with reality was very painful. Some projects depreciated by more than 90% of the price with a significant percentage of them ending completely.

Now is the time to sober up. Profits in the hundreds of percents are never a long-term real prospect. You cannot get them at all by investing in random crypto based on the advice of your favorite Youtuber.

The fact that this has fundamentally changed does not mean the end of crypto. On the contrary, the possibility of taking it seriously as an industry.

Beginning of the year (2018)

For people who bought cryptocurrency at the beginning of the year (2018), it is undoubtedly a very difficult situation. On the other hand, the position of the new entrant appears to be absolutely ideal. Last month’s madness helped build a strong infrastructure in the cryptocurrency area, the absence of which was fully reflected in the madness of December (2017) — for example, when the exchanges were unable to receive new registrations due to overloaded servers.

This led to paradoxical moments when the Bittrex account was sold on the black market for as much as $ 5,000. But even the crypts themselves did not stay the same. Bitcoin today is a much more advanced technology than it was a year ago.

The most interesting situation, though, is the market situation for the new investor. The massive sales and outflow of money from the industry has left a number of promising projects at minimum prices.

It is possible to find those that still have the potential for exponential growth. So, there is no reason to invest harshly without thorough analyses of projects. The results will not be emerging in a few days.

The market is currently full of truly unique opportunities.