How to pick up the best cryptocurrency for 2019? Will there be a new Bitcoin?

The most important questions for your cryptocurrency investment in 2019 should be “Will there be a continuous bear market?” and “How much risk am I willing to take?”. Even in the cryptocurrency field, there are conservative, risky and even more risky assets. In this article, I am going to share my own favourite options across the spectrum. Of course, for the most conservative investors there is always the option of using so-called stablecoins. This pseudo cryptocurrency is usually a token

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Did stolen funds end up on Binance?

Only a few people in the cryptocurrency space missed news about the recent hack of crypto exchange Cryptopia. This New Zealand based exchange was for a quite a while a kind of “shitcoin heaven” because they were fine with listing a really low market coin (and you don’t delist those often). This turned up more than 800 mostly low cap cryptocurrencies for more adventurous investors, which made for quite a playing field, where you could either make a lot of

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Grin mirrors the story of Bitcoin

Recently we wrote about a quite exciting launch in the cryptocurrency space. Grin received a huge amount of attention especially because of its implementation of the Mimblewimble technology. This technology was originally proposed as an upgrade of Bitcoin. However, it was rejected as, owing to errors in cryptography, it would have demanded a too radical change in code. This took place a few years ago and now is finally the time to launch new cryptocurrency with this technology. However, while

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Why has CBOE withdrawn an application for ETF?

The Chicago Board Options Exchange, which in December 2017 transformed the world’s first ever bituminous futures contract, has withdrawn its application for the approval of the first Exchange Exchange traded funds (ETFs). The aforementioned proposal was submitted in cooperation with VanEck and SolidX as early as June 2018. And also has been postponed several times since then by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The final deadline for announcing a decision on this proposal was set for February 27,

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The bear market is a great time

Few people today describe the state of the cryptocurrency market at the end of last year (2018) in other terms than as a bubble. It was a time when it was virtually impossible to not make money. Projects that reported the slightest news were growing by tens of percentage points, regardless of the absence of a finished product or any meaningful business plan. Due to the impressive growth of projects such as Ripple and Ethereum, there was a very rapid

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Grin – Possible Monero killer?

There has been a major buzz around the launch of the new cryptocurrency Grin. Typically, these launches mainly attract low cap gamblers looking for a quick buck. This time has been a different story. A really diverse core of Grin supporters has been hardcore maximalists, probably owing to the strong cyberpunk feeling reminiscent of Bitcoin’s early days. The author of Grin’s white paper is anonymous, there is no premed. It is fully anonymous and should be quite well scalable. For

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