Grin mirrors the story of Bitcoin

Recently we wrote about a quite exciting launch in the cryptocurrency space. Grin received a huge amount of attention especially because of its implementation of the Mimblewimble technology.

This technology was originally proposed as an upgrade of Bitcoin. However, it was rejected as, owing to errors in cryptography, it would have demanded a too radical change in code. This took place a few years ago and now is finally the time to launch new cryptocurrency with this technology.

However, while Grin mirrors the story of Bitcoin in terms of community funding, Beam passes through a path of bigger centralization and developer tax from all blocks.

This has its pros and cons.

The biggest advantage of centralized development is a dedicated and responsible team with secure funds which leads towards greater user comfort. This can be observed right now. Grin has only a Linux full node interface, while Beam has a very nice mobile wallet.

Beam is currently traded at 1,20 USD; however, its real price will be shown once it is listed on more reputable exchanges. The current main exchange, HotBit, is well known for its fake volume and a lot of investors steer clear of it.