Profesional management of your cryptocurrency investment

We are the first hedge fund in central Europe focused solely on cryptocurrencies. We provide professional management and secure ways of investing in cryptocurrency assets.

Investing with KRYPTOFOND.

Professional security

With us, your invesments are safe. All of our security structures were built in colaboration with the leading experts on IT and the company Nethemba Security, which is specialized in security of payment solutions for banks.

experienced management

Everything is managed with an experienced investment board. We combine diverse approaches to cryprocurrency analysis. Our team consists of a diverse group of IT specialists, economists and lawyers.

Profit in cryptocurrencies

Investment into cryprocurrencies are very complex thing. Our professional team got long term experience with cryptocurrency field and using it for looking for profit where profit can be found.

Diversification diversification

Stable investment is one of our main goals. Our portfolio consists of perspectivy cryptocurrencies with focus on minimalization of risks connected to market conditions.

Wrote about us:

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the fund holds real cryptocurrencies.

The security system is designed and monitored by a team of IT specialists and security system provider Nethemba.

More than 50% of the portfolio is allocated into Bitcoin. 40% is allocated into fundamentally backed alternative cryptocurrencies, where more space is given to already proven currencies such as Monero and Ethereum. Amongst smaller coins we hold, for example, Storj or Ubiq. The last 10% of the capital is allocated amidst new coins in form of ICO tokens or after they have been listed on crypto exchange.

Cryptocurrencies have real use. Bitcoin is mostly used as a mean of exchange. Other cryptocurrencies find their use in other areas, which depends on the project and setup of underlying blockchain technology.

Kryptofond itself is for qualified investors only. Generally, there is still no consensus among the countries on cryptocurrency regulation. Somewhere, cryptocurrencies are considered as financial derivatives, in other places as commodities or stocks.

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