5 Anonymous Cryptocurrency

The anonymity of payments is often cited as one of the main advantages of Bitcoin. However, it has little to do with reality. Bitcoin provides a certain level of pseudo-anonymity because addresses are anonymous. All transfers between them are public. This makes it possible to discover their holders and their entire financial history.

This solution has its pros and cons.

Regulatory authorities have a major problem with anonymous payments due to their uses for illicit purposes, as well as the impossibility of tracking stolen funds, leading to significant implementation problems in their everyday lives. The advantage is anonymity, which is of increasing value in the present world.

Bitcoin chose to go without anonymous payments. Bitcoin is creating a place for many other currencies on the market, which, on the contrary, considered the anonymity of payments as their primary goal. We have prepared a list of the five most successful anonymous currencies for you.


Monero has quickly become the symbol of anonymous cryptocurrencies and a clear leader in this field. Unlike the other currencies in this list, it is not based on Bitcoin, but on completely proprietary code and original encryption. This encryption is native, so you cannot make any payments that are not anonymous.

Although it provides a higher level of anonymity than other cryptoscopes, it also generates a number of legal problems for Monero, such as the wholesale end of trading on Japanese exchanges.


Zcash uses the anonymisation technology zk-SNARK, which is one of the most popular methods of anonymizing cryptoscopes in today’s world of cryptomania. The controversy surrounding Zcash’s. Is is boosted by 20% developers tax, from each mined block, which gives the authors enough money to promote their currency. At the same time, is not quite right for the founder of the currency to receive free of charge. This reproach led to a number of forks, the most famous being Zclassic and Zencash.

Horizen (formerly Zencash)

Horizen is probably the most successful Zcashe force. Unlike its predecessor, it removed the developer’s share of the extracted block and added the so-called secure nodes. They are similar to masternodes. Thanks to a very large community, this coin is constantly evolving. This is one of the few projects that has consistently grown over recent months.


Dash was the first currency to popularize masternodes — and anonymous payments were just some extra bonuses. The main goal of DASH is to create a payment system capable of instant payments with the greatest possible use. A great deal of credit for the success of this plan’s realization lies in its a fund of community resources, the use of which is decided by holders of the Masternode.

Bitcoin Private

Bitcoin Private is a Bitcoin and Zclassic fork, and few would call it a successful one. However, completely writing off could prove to be premature. The authors have paid off to the unrealistic expectations of buyers who were expecting a hundred dollars in price, with a gradual decline to the current $ 3. Developers spent the last month passing the Zcash code to the BitCode code, which should ensure full compatibility with the lightning network and, combined with the current very low price, lead to interesting price movements.