1st Central European Private Cryptocurrency Fund (Fund of Cryptocurrencies)

Professional Management and Security

The new economy is on its rise. Our mission is to connect private investors with a fast-growing sector of cryptocurrencies. We hold diversified basket of cryptocurrencies designed by Investment Committee formed by the experts in the field. We know cryptocurrencies – we participate in strong growth.

Why to invest in cryptocurrencies


Growth potential

Cryptocurrencies are still at the beginning of implementation to everyday lives. Teams of developers around the world work their way to change that.


The market is heading away from the banks and getting closer to the people. Do not rely on the common money which is under continuous inflation and thus loses its value. You can diversify risk by partial investment in alternative currency.

New technology

The rapid growth of relationships between financial and technology sectors is a sign of an innovation of the whole financial industry. The importance of banks in the peer to peer transactions might gradually decrease.

Cryptocurrencies in numbers



Price of Bitcoin


Total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies


24h turnover of cryptocurrencies


Cena bitcoinu




24h obrat kryptoměn

Price development of bitcoin

Beginning of this February we witnessed a sale on the cryptocurrency market which drove the prices back to price levels from October. On the one hand it surely did not please those, who invested while the market was at the top (at its top?), on the other hand it is good news for the cryptocurrency ecosystem as such. The transaction costs within the Bitcoin’s network have fallen as the number of speculators who have artificially pushed the price up has also went down.


The fall has triggered negative news, for example, regarding regulations in India and South Korea, which have been partially refuted. The markets on the other hand, dominated by negative sentiment, completely omitted positive news about, for example, a development of new ASIC Chips, which will be delivered by Samsung to the market. This will become a serious rival in competition for the current market leader Bitmain. Kryptofond’s team will continue to follow the market fundamentals focusing on the long-term horizon that is key to us.

Why to invest with kryptofond.

Professional security

The security structures were designed in cooperation with IT and cryptocurrency specialists, including Nethemba, the security company focusing on banks’ payment systems security.

Investment Committee, experienced management

Our team is formed by professionals ranging from IT specialists, economists, financiers to lawyers. We inspect cryptocurrencies from every angle. Portfolio is in good hands.

Easy access to cryptocurrencies

Investing into cryptocurrencies is a complex and time-consuming process. Our team of professionals knows the world of cryptocurrencies, our knowledge allows you to make profits today.

Portfolio diversification

Our portfolio consists mainly of cryptocurrencies that have a long-term growth potential. We identify those coins by uniqueness of their code and rate of innovation.

Wrote about us:

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the fund holds real cryptocurrencies.

The security system is designed and monitored by a team of IT specialists and security system provider Nethemba.

More than 50% of the portfolio is allocated into Bitcoin. 40% is allocated into fundamentally backed alternative cryptocurrencies, where more space is given to already proven currencies such as Monero and Ethereum. Amongst smaller coins we hold, for example, Storj or Ubiq. The last 10% of the capital is allocated amidst new coins in form of ICO tokens or after they have been listed on crypto exchange.

Cryptocurrencies have real use. Bitcoin is mostly used as a mean of exchange. Other cryptocurrencies find their use in other areas, which depends on the project and setup of underlying blockchain technology.

Kryptofond itself is for qualified investors only. Generally, there is still no consensus among the countries on cryptocurrency regulation. Somewhere, cryptocurrencies are considered as financial derivatives, in other places as commodities or stocks.
The company manages a private alternative fund and is registered in the List of entities providing services comparable to investment fund management according to Section 15 of the Act. No. 240/2013 Coll., on Investment Companies and Investment funds („ZISIF“) which is maintained by the Czech National Bank („CNB“). CNB does not supervise neither the company nor its activities. The company manages only assets of a small number of selected investors, who are qualified investors according to ZISIF. The company does not publicly offer investments nor does it collect financial means from the public. The company does not provide any core investment services nor does it provide ancillary investment service of safekeeping and administration of financial instruments for the account of clients, as regulated by the Act. No. 256/2004 Coll., on Capital Market Undertakings (“ZPKT”). The provided information is general and does not serve as presentation of any investment instruments or investment services. No information presented may be considered as an offer of any investment instrument or any other form of investment under ZISIF or ZPKT.